I have no problem with people saying prayer is power, but let’s set the record straight: Our prayer is NOT the power. We pray to the One who HAS the power. Let your focus always be Jesus.


My study today…

Ephesians 1:15-23

Paul says the people of Ephesus had these traits:

  1. faith in the Lord Jesus
  2. Love for all the saints

Paul thanked God that the people had these traits, and he prayed for them. Here is how he prayed for them:

He asked God to give them the spirit of wisdom and revelation… so they could KNOW GOD BETTER.

He asked God to open the eyes of their hearts…

  1. so they could know the HOPE to which they were called.
  2. so they could know the riches of his glorious inheritance.
  3. so they could know his incomparably great power for us who believe.


  • Do I have faith in the Lord Jesus
  • Do I have love for all the saints?
  • These things Paul prayed for the people, these things already existed, but even with faith and love, there was still room for them to KNOW JESUS MORE! We need to open our hearts, be enlightened daily to our HOPE, HIS RICHES, and HIS GREAT POWER.
  • This list above is a GREAT way to pray for your fellow Christians, and for your missionaries! A lot of people pray for safety and wisdom and finances, but if we’re enlightened daily to see our hope, his riches, and his great power, imagine how different our lives would be!


Paul’s final petition (above #3) was for the people to know God’s incomparably great power. Then Paul continues to explain that incomparably great power.

It’s the working of his mighty strength, that same strength that raised Jesus from the dead.

This power is in Jesus! Jesus, who is seated in heaven next to the Throne of God… He is so high above any authority, dominion, any power or title we could ever think of! Everything we face, everyday, is under the feet of the One with the power.

God put it all under his feet. And then He put Jesus as the head, the head of the church. And guess what, we are the body! We are the fullness of him WHO FILLS EVERYTHING IN EVERY WAY. 

From the head, the power flows down into the body. We receive power from the source: Jesus! His power is in us, but daily we need to be enlightened, we need to open the eyes of our hearts and be reminded of our HOPE, HIS RICHES, and HIS POWER that is already in us.


  • Do I ask God for enlightenment daily?
  • Do I remember that power is already in me through Jesus, the head?
  • Do I meditate on my hope, his riches, and his power daily?
  • How would my daily life be different if these were the focus of my day? Would I worship differently? Would I obey differently? Would I attack daily tasks in a different way? Would I fear less? Would I worry less?


Prayer brings us to Jesus.

Jesus is the power.

Jesus is our power.

Jesus is the power of prayer.